Yager Solutions is key to our marketing initiatives, making them an invaluable partner. It is hard keeping your brand message and image consistent when using an outside team, but the team at YS has expertise in our industry and understands the importance of keeping the message on point. When they take on a project, they immerse themselves in your brand strategy to ensure you are getting the best results. I couldn’t imagine using another team for any project. They are knowledgeable, responsive, and their commitment to supporting our brand is extraordinary. We feel confident we are getting the best in anything we do with them.  

Kelly Streiff, VP of Sales & Marketing

PROOF Research

Our company called upon Yager Solutions to do a complete re-design of our three company websites in a very short period of time.  The final results are amazing!  Tara is an excellent designer and spent lots of time on the phone with me to understand what I was looking for, and to understand the history and purpose of our products to get the right design concepts implemented.  I was very impressed and would highly recommend Yager Solutions for any of your design needs.

Jodi DePorter,

Director of Marketing, KAHR Firearms Group ​

"The people at Yager Solutions are very talented and really care about who they work for. They are also very easy to work with and understand my needs and wants as a customer.”


Erick Navarro,

Breakthrough Clean Technologies

Tara and team are super creative, professional and fun, all while bringing decades of focused industry experience to successfully meet deadlines on our wide variety of projects.

Chris Polley,


Tara is an Adobe Illustrator Ninja!  Seriously, I was amazed at her work quality and responsiveness in getting my projects done while under a time crunch.  She also has a very creative and artful eye on top of that!  

Winston Lee, Founder & CEO

Tarte Yogurt

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My agency has worked with Yager Solutions for 5 years. Over those 5 years, we have used their services to supplement design out for websites we were building when we could not handle all of the work ourselves. 


Tara and team Have always dealt with our customers as if they were their own. They Have been consistently professional, timely, and above and beyond all a creative mastermind. A total pleasure to work with through and through. 

Josh Eastman, Owner & Founder 

Beyond The Brand Media LLC

Yager Solutions has been an absolute pleasure to work with. They deliver work ahead of schedule and it always exceeds our expectations. Tara takes time to listen to exactly what our needs are and this attention to detail shows in the end results. They continue to pleasantly surprise us with their ability to take care of all of our needs.  Yager Solutions is a customer-focused company that is doing everything right!

Eddie Loveday,

ETS Group

I think very highly of Yager Solutions. The relationship I have with them is probably the best relationship I’ve ever had with an external partner. Their recommendations are actionable, useful, and insightful, and the people seem real and truthful. They understand the issues of brand and the importance of putting the customer at the center. And they don’t just say it; they actually understand it and how everything connects to deliver on that promise. Great partners, incredibly professional, easy to work with.

Jim O'Shaughnessy,


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We make it matter. We'll help you craft a unique brand image from our carefully cultivated brand DNA explorations and insights. 


Yager Solutions was established to help companies better understand, manage, and leverage their brand equity in their competitive markets. We understand that creating and executing effective brand strategies can be daunting, but we're here to help you tackle it one piece at a time. Our approach is simple; work with you in any capacity you need. Whether you have project overflow or need a soup-to-nuts solution for your marketing objectives, we can help you achieve them all.  With 16+ years of experience under our belt, we understand the nuances of the mechanics that go into launching your product, from its inception to consumer release. Let our proven brand management and marketing expertise help you achieve your marketing goals and help bring your company success.